Solving Sustainability Challenges in Emerging Markets with Renewable Energy Technology


Proprietary Battery Regeneration Technology
And Energy Storage Management

BRT Energy is a female-led Pan-African Energy Service company that supports telecom tower operators, mobile network operators, energy companies and organizations with battery recovery and energy storage management services.

Battery Regeneration

Energy Storage

CAPEX Reduction

Maintenance Services

Local Job Creation

Training & Full Support

Knowledge Transfer

R&D And Innovation

600 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa are currently without electricity access and 50% of businesses view a lack of reliable electricity access as a major constraint to doing business.

BRT Energy's vision is directly aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals

We believe in achieving a better and more sustainable future for all by advancing the UN SDGs. BRT Energy is directly contributing to four SDGs.

BRT Energy helps companies reduce costs by regenerating their batteries.

Our regenerator enables companies to regenerate used batteries to an optimal level, effectively extending their lifecycles and reducing their carbon footprints.

Lead Acid & Battery Regeneration

We focus on regenerating lead acid batteries as they are the less eco-friendly battery type.

Fully Managed Battery Maintenance

We offer a fully-managed battery maintenance service as well as training.

Introducing BRT Energy's software and proprietary regenerator.

Our regenerator provides detailed test reports and powerful analytics that help companies extend the lifespan of their batteries. The BRT regenerator is CE-certified and MET-certified, and works wirelessly with our software to enable remote monitoring via laptop or smartphone.

BRT Energy supports a wide array of clients

Companies operating in the energy, telecom and logistics sectors face significantly high capital expenditure and are looking for ways to save cost while remaining environment friendly. BRT Energy works with mobile network and tour operators, electricity companies, logistics organizations, government agencies and off/on grid solar companies.

BRT Energy is a member of UNITED.

United Global Ventures (also known as United Global Alliance and UNITED) is an American impact organization and consortium with a global footprint that builds and scales mission-driven companies. UNITED uses a Double Bottom Line strategy to drive wealth creation and social impact. The group is active in the technology, media, telecom, healthcare, energy and financial services sectors.

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