How BRT Energy successfully regenerated
battery capacity up to 90%

Business Case in Ghana

BRT Energy joined forces with a leading Mobile Network Operator (MNO) in Ghana
in a pilot project aimed to showcase our technology to the MNO’s senior management.
The MNO provided 150 batteries that were decommissioned and that were capable of
undergoing regeneration. BRT Energy successfully regenerated these batteries by
restoring capacity to 90%.

  • Client:

    Mobile Network Operator

  • Date:

    August 2020

  • Service Provided:

    Battery Regeneration


In the first quarter of 2020, BRT Energy conducted an exercise at the MNO’s warehouse where our team triaged the MNO’s discarded batteries into potential regeneration candidates. This exercise identified 150 units that were capable of undergoing regeneration.


Our local team successfully regenerated the 150 batteries by restoring capacity to 90% using our curative regeneration method. The team provided the MNO’s senior management with detailed analytics reports from our proprietary BRT software to highlight the savings which translated into higher profitability for the client.

Our local team also provided professional observations and battery care recommendations to the MNO’s management team to optimize the lifespan of any battery (physical handling, operational conditions, load application and battery monitoring).

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